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Learn to Skate with Jack - Skateboard Instructor
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I’m a skateboarder, a youth worker at BYC Skatepark, the author of the book “How to Train Your Skateboard”, chair of Brighton and Hove Skateparks Association and a skateboard instructor.

It all started when I was about ten, skating on the street up the road from my house and climbing over school walls with my mates. My Saturdays usually consisted of going to Brighton Youth Centre Skatepark (more about that later) and then to the old Level Skatepark. Since then, despite having lived in various countries on different continents, a board has always been firmly fixed to my backpack.

I started teaching when I was at university, going into local schools to do workshops on higher education and since then I’ve taught English as a foreign language to people of all ages and abilities.

Then in 2018 my two passions collided when I was offered a job as a youth worker and skateboard instructor at Brighton Youth Centre. This put my life on a slightly different course.

I’d been coaching skating for a couple of years when, in 2020 while banging pots and pans for the NHS, I got chatting to my next-door neighbour who works in publishing. We both agreed the world was lacking a well-presented, modern book about how to skateboard.

In June 2023 my book went out into the world and has since been translated into three languages!

As a skateboard coach, I’ve worked with local authorities, schools, universities, charities and at numerous events. I’ve delivered lectures, organised events, built ramps, run workshops and met so many incredible people.

I’m so grateful for everything skateboarding has brought into my life and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.

Got any questions? Drop me a message!

Jack is a Brighton-based skateboard instructor, author, youth worker, and after school club coordinator, extending his services across Hove and Portslade. Offering private skateboarding lessons to individuals and groups of adults and children, he combines his passion for the sport with his dedication to youth development.