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If you’re new to skateboarding or have a little one who’s stoked on it then you might find yourself feeling a little clueless. Don’t worry though, I’d like to help you with that! 

In this monthly newsletter I’ll help welcome you into the world of skateboarding and make you feel a little more at home here. 

Expect to see: 

– Events and projects happening in the South. 

– Tips on buying skate equipment. 

– Stories of local skaters and their successes.

– The latest videos that will get you hyped. 

– Things you might not know about skating that make it such a unique sport!

– Some of the stuff I’ve been up to with skateboarding.

– What you want to know! 

Want something explained? Drop me a message and I’d happy to discuss it 😊

Catch you on The Flipside!


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Skate with Jack, skateboarding instructor teaching a child to skateboard

Jack is a Brighton-based skateboard instructor, author, youth worker, and after school club coordinator, extending his services across Hove and Portslade. Offering private skateboarding lessons to individuals and groups of adults and children, he combines his passion for the sport with his dedication to youth development.