BYC Stair Jam / Drawing Boards Premiere

Be sure to get down to BYC skatepark this weekend for the stair jam!

We’ve built a stairset with ledges just for the day (I carried some wood so I can say “we”). Events like this don’t come around often so don’t miss out. 

That’s kicking off at 3pm with a bunch of prizes to be won. Even if you don’t fancy skating the stairs you should defo come down to @bycskatepark and watch. We’re expecting some amazing skating.

Then we’ve got the premiere of @drawingboards first full-length video in 10 years edited by BYC’s very own @paper_ankles. I’ve already said how important skate videos are, so the chance to come to the premiere of a FULL-LENGTH UK video part is not one to turn your nose up at. You can check the trailer for Street Art here

There will also be a few other bits being shown on the night so you’re in for a treat.

We’re not sure how much more time we’ve got left at BYC before it’s knocked down for the rebuild (I don’t know when it’s closing 😂) so come and make the most of it!

It’ll be a day to remember!

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