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Thrasher Magazine – Skater of the Year

One little tradition I’ve come to enjoy is skaters releasing lots of video parts towards the end of the year in a bid to win the coveted award dished out by Thrasher Magazine.

Skater of the Year used to be chosen by readers of the magazine – the first being Tony Hawk back in – but now readers only help whittle down the shortlist to a small group of nominees before the Thrasher team decide on the ultimate winner.

The list of previous winners includes names like Chris Cole, Danny Way and Tyshawn Jones, all winning twice, and the latter being the most recent recipient. Last year was a close one though with Nyjah Huston bringing out two insane parts in as many months in an attempt to win, spoiler alert, he didn’t win.

So right now it’s video part season. But with so much skateboarding content out there, how are you supposed to know who’s released parts, what videos they’ve featured in, how many clips they’ve got and how long they are?

Well, to make sure that “nobody’s footage gets lost” the peeps at SkateFolio have Clip Mapped™ skaters’ entire year of footage so you can watch each of their parts in one sitting. Pretty cool, right?!

SkateFolio Mapped™ Skaters

So who’s my skater of the year? It’s a tough one, I’ll share some of my favourite parts of the year below but I’m going with London skater Tom Knox. And I’m not biased in the slightest.

My SOTY parts of the year:

Yuto Horigome in Tokyo – Nike SB

Tom Knox – Atlantic Drift

Curren Caples – Vans

Ryan Sheckler – Lifer by Red Bull

Cyrus Bennet – Live Forever by HUF

Jack O’Grady – 7 Ball by Nike

Rob Pace – Santa Cruz Skateboards “F#�! Em”

If you’re sat there thinking, “Oh my god, how the hell has he missed X off the list of his SOTY parts of the year” then come at me! I’d love to know what your favourite parts of these incredible skaters are. The level of skating these days is mind-bending.

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