Shibui Surf and Skate Shop from the outside on Brighton Seafront

Shibui Surf and Skate

You might not have seen it but this little surf and skate shop is tucked under the arches on Brighton seafront, just to the west of the Palace Pier. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a surf/skate shop that’s pebbles throw from the beach, look no further if you need a body board for your day by the sea or a bead necklace to complete your look.

Although it might not be a ‘core’ skate shop, as you’ll find longboards and surf skates without much variety in skate brands, it’s certainly fulfilling the unwritten role of local skate shops: supporting local skaters and the scene.

About nine months ago Shibui started supplying rad young skaters with product, mainly their boards with Japanese-inspired graphics which are designed in-house. When I was a young skater (to be young again 😅) all I wanted was a sponsorship so I know how much this must mean to this lot!

On their team, they’ve got SonnyArthurSapphire and Ethan (more on him later). Milo was also riding for them until recently, but has moved on since winning the under-16s category of the Level comp a few weeks ago.

Although a few decks might not seem like a lot, they can greatly impact how they view skating and boost their faith in their ability. It’s always great seeing skate shops support skaters, but their particular approach is quite unique and I’m really pleased to see the positive impact it’s had on these young people.

You can check out their boards on their website or see clips of their skaters on their Instagram.

Inside of

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