Skateboard GB’s Pipeline Project

This might sound like the national body for skateboarding has set its sights on transporting large amounts of oil across the continent but don’t worry, this pipeline is much better than that. 

The project started in August 2021, with the hope of identifying talented skateboarders and bolstering their chances of performing on the world stage. Fortunately, its success has meant it’s now entering its third year and the selection process began in July.

Over the summer, a whole load of skaters have been recording clips and compiling 30-second edits which showcase their talents in one of two disciplines, street and park. Successful applicants will attend coaching sessions once a week in one of five ‘hub’ skateparks across the country.

A couple of weeks ago, after reviewing all the submissions, Skateboard GB announced the skaters that made the final cut. I was stoked to hear that three local skaters made it onto the pipeline project.

Ethan Birch (mentioned previously) made it on as a street skater. This is no surprise as he won the Under 12s category of one of SBGB’s Survival of the Sickest comps last year and I’ve witnessed him spend the whole summer tearing up BYC Skatepark.

Ruby Dolan was chosen as a park skater on the pipeline, which also comes as no surprise after coming seventh in the nationals this year and consistently making Skaterham’s vert ramp look like a mini. At a young age, she’s already built up a wealth of contest experience, regularly competing in Vert Series and other contests in the UK and beyond.

Finally, Giddy Parry-Laidler made it onto the pipeline skating park. The youngest of the bunch, he’s just been getting better and better since he bagged a Route One sponsorship off the back of last year’s Ramp Antics jam in Brighton. He’s been at pretty much every event this summer and it was rad to see him hitting the bowl at the Level jam along with legends like Isaac Miller and Rio O’Byrne

Congratulations to all of them, they’ve got bright futures ahead of them! For those of you who didn’t get on the pipeline this year, just keep at it, skating’s about having fun so make that your priority and the rest will fall into place!

GB's Skateboard Pipeline Project, Young skateboarder holding a skateboard with others on the side of a skate bowl

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